Here's What Hoftiezer Real Estate Agents Have To Offer


  • Careful Market Value Estimates of the value of our property.
  • Make a market value estimate as to today's value, advising you as to the probable price range where your property will sell.
  • Help you determine the best way of selling...either for cash...or cash equity allowing your loan to be assumed or with the help of conventional loans, FHA, VA, SDHDA or Rural Development type financing...or on contract.
  • Planned, effective advertising.
  • Open Houses...for additional exposure.
  • Interview buyers in order to find the most qualified for your property.
  • Explain why anyone not accompanied by a salesperson should not be allowed to inspect your home...for your safety, convenience and benefit.
  • Explain your probable sales expenses, including any due penalties, back taxes, assessments which may be due.
  • Carefully help you to exclude any items semi-attached to your real estate you may not want to include in the sale.


  • Offer Buyer Brokerage
  • Thorough knowledge of financing...not everyone understands....qualifying for a mortgage loan...or the advantage of conventional, FHA, VA or private loans and other types of financing, such as contract, assuming an existing mortgage, private money, etc.


  • Local staff of aggressive salespeople...years of sales experience.
  • COMPLETE transaction too big or too small.
  • Advise you as to market conditions and price.